I cannot recommend Home Sleep enough. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable, honest and kind. The whole sleep study process was so straight forward from start to end, something that you don’t get in the hospital system. I am so grateful to have been referred to Chris from my GP and would encourage others to go visit Chris if they are having sleep troubles for a sleep study, it is really so worth having a study done in the comfort of your own home - thanks Home Sleep & Chris!

Isla Mapleson

Before getting my in home sleep study I suffered from chronic headaches, fatigue and depression. Chris from Home Sleep set me up with a C pap device which has changed my life for the better. I rarely have have headaches, have more energy and less depression. The home based sleep study had less out of pocket expenses than if I was to have it done as an inpatient at a clinic. Chris kept in regular contact until I was comfortable using my device. Any issues and for replacement masks/etc have been sorted by Chris with ease. I highly recommend both Chris and Home Sleep.

Simon Wells

Chris explained every step of the process clearly, went through my results thoroughly, answered my many questions with patience and professionalism. He made recommendations to aid me with my sleep and months on I am still sleeping much better than I have in a few years. Very happy customer and would highly recommend.

Hannah Grant

My experience has been fantastic from the time Chris walked through my front door. The level of customer service and post-testing support has been great. If you are having sleeping issues pick up the phone and call Chris now.

Matthew V Clements

Chris, thank you so much for your assistance and support. I should’ve had a home study as the first step to solving my apnea! You’ve been responsive and professional, explained everything, and you’re a real pleasure to deal with. For anyone hesitating, don’t. Get a sleep study and if you need a CPAP rest assured that Chris will set up with the right equipment to fit your needs. Breathe easy!

Michelle Bromley

Its been amazing to sleep again!! Thank you Chris , I really appreciate your assistance!!!! Great products and service !! Sleep apnea is very serious and you want the right support from the right clinic.

Peter Angelidis

I was facing a lot of issues with my sleep. I couldn’t focus on my professional life due to my lack of sleep and it started affecting my overall health. One of my friends recommended Home Sleep and well the sleep study worked wonders for me. It solved my sleep problems and I highly recommend Home Sleep to everyone who is facing the issues with their sleep.

Bethany Jessep

Chris and Nicole were a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and knowledge of the condition and products were next level. I have had the machine for only two nights and noticed a complete change in my energy levels through out the day and the better night sleep. I can’t recommend Chris and Nicole high enough. Thanks guys, was a very easy and painless exercise

Adrian Baker

Chris and Nicole were fantastic to deal with and were able to answer the many questions I had regarding sleep apnea. I’m only 2 days in using my new cpap machine and Chris has been great following up with me and adjusting settings for me. I’m so excited about the future and feeling fantastic so I would recommend speaking to Chris and Nicole and getting yourself sorted and well looked after!

Benjamin Shelley