Just like food and water, sleep is a basic need. Getting enough sleep plays a crucial role in both our physical and mental development. Disrupted or lack of sleep can have a profound effect on memory retention, immunity and overall health.

If you are unable to sleep well or find yourself waking up all exhausted, you need to get in touch with experts at Home Sleep Adelaide.

Home Sleep is a reputed and trusted clinic conducting home sleep study in Adelaide and ensures that you get the right diagnosis for your specific sleep disorder. With a team of qualified and dedicated professionals, we offer comprehensive diagnostic services that include clinical recommendations. These recommendations will assist your dentist or physician in diagnosis and provide treatment that’s tailored for you.

We use the latest scientific methods to record your sleep patterns for sleep study in Adelaide. Analysing this data, our qualified sleep physicians put their recommendations and recordings taken in the patient’s home. This report is sent to your physician or dentist for further reference.

Our comprehensive report gives insight into important parameters like sleep disturbances, sleep apnea, teeth grinding and more. The detailed reports further help your doctor decide the right course of your treatment.

Benefits of Conducting Home Sleep Study in Adelaide

The specific therapy for sleep apnea is based on your medical history, physical exam, and the results of polysomnography or other tests.

  • Independent Diagnosis and Assessment of Treatment
  • The Study is Conducted in the Safe and Comfortable Environment of your Home
  • Unrestricted Movement – You can move around and carry on with your routine while wired up.
  • Our light and ergonomic equipment allows you to lie down comfortably in the bed.
  • Our sleep studies in Adelaide are conducted by experienced sleep scientists and physicians.

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