Resourcing a Sleep Service in your practice

We resource your practice with our sleep recording equipment for you to give to your patients directly. The study data forms the basis of our report, which covers all the important factors, including sleep disturbances, breathing interruptions, irregular heart rhythms, leg movements and teeth grinding.

Our report comes with a sleep physician’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations. There is no need for a specialist consultation or overnight hospital stay.

We training your staff on how to perform a sleep study and how to interpret a sleep study report to your patients. Training can be done via a remote video link.

Arranging a Referral Sleep Service

Alternatively, you can refer your patient to us through our website or by phone and we will arrange for your patient’s sleep to be recorded.

Within two weeks, we will send you our comprehensive report with clinical recommendations to guide the treatment of your patient.

Email the form to or fax to 03 9012 4156

Practitioner referral

We can arrange a GP referral for patients referred by a dentist.

Our Reports Help Practitioners -
Recommend the right treatment for each patient


Specialist Surgeons

General Practitioners


Sleep Clinics

Our Partners

We provide the best quality Level 2 home sleep study service for general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, ENT surgeons, bariatric surgeons, naturopaths and sleep clinics across Australia. To organise a sleep study through one of our partner clinics or if you want to become a partner, contact us now.

15 years helping health practitioners treat sleep disorders

Fast Results

Results and clinical recommendations will be delivered to your practice within two week in most cases.

Our Physicians

Our physicians are Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) with accreditation to practise as respiratory and sleep medicine specialists in Australia.

Scientific Methodology

Our methodology conforms with the latest scientific approach and our two decade’s experience analysing sleep study data.

Hospital Grade Equipment

We employ the latest Level 2 Sleep Technology, providing hospital grade information at a much lower cost to the patient. The device is about the same size as a mobile phone and is non-intrusive.

Training, Support & Maintenance

Our equipment comes with training, phone support and is maintained at the highest possible standard.

Patient information

To help you market your sleep studies service, we can provide patient information brochures and will keep your practice informed of the latest specialist knowledge through our eNewsletter.