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Interrupted Sleep

If you snore and wake tired, it is highly likely you are stopping breathing hundreds of times every night.

Sleep Report

Using the latest scientific equipment, we record sleep patterns, analyse the data and arrange for a qualified sleep physician to include their clinical recommendations. Recordings are taken in your home.


Our diagnostic service includes clinical recommendations assisting the dentist or physician to identify and arrange the treatments best suited to each patient.

Healthy Active Life

Poor quality sleep is associated with a variety of health problems. Identifying and treating the underlying problem helps restore energy and vitality.

We Are The Best Support For You

The most important result is a measure of your sleep disturbance. The cause of most sleep disturbances is identified by measuring breathing, leg, and jaw movements.

Sleep disturbance is reported as the Arousal Index, which is the number of times you wake up per hour of sleep. Most of these awakenings are too short to remember (only 3 to 10 seconds in duration – you usually only remember being awake if it lasts more than 5 minutes) and it is normal to wake up to 5 times per hour. Waking 5 to 15 times is considered mild disruption while waking more than 15 times per hour definitely indicates a sleeping problem that requires urgent intervening treatment.

Our Reports Help Practitioners -
Recommend the right treatment for each patient


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Sleep Clinics

Our Partners

We work with several medical specialists, general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and sleep clinics across Australia and help them deliver Level 2 sleep studies through resourcing. To organise a sleep study through our partner clinics or if you want to become a partner contact us now.

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